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Thank you for supporting Tattoo Paint Roll, a pocket-sized source of motivation and inspiration for tattooers & artists alike! In a world craving change, where artists stand as essential rule breakers and visionaries, there are no set instructions—because you make the rules! Your creativity isn't just an expression; it transforms people, it transforms the world.

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This is it! The products that started it all. Created to spark creativity for artists and tattoo enthusiasts, this product is perfect if you're just getting started with Tattoo Paint Roll.

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Tattoo Paint Roll - 12 Sided Body Placement Dice

Each dice has 12 sides with 12 body areas shown for placement. Those areas are: Arm Band, Foot, Butt, Full Sleeve, Neck, Full Back, Chest Piece, Lower Leg, Hand, Upper Arm, Thigh, & Head.